About Us

Your Repair Professional


  Our company is centered around providing the highest quality work without any of the hassles that normally come with home improvement projects. Throughout the years we have made our customers happy by ensuring that projects were performed in a professionally coordinated timely manner.  We can do it all, whether you need home electrical work, landscaping, tiling, re-finished driveway, roofing, carpeting, hardwood floors, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, paint jobs, etc.   

We Pride Ourselves In Customer Service


  We also pride ourselves in being a one stop shop providing our customers with access to specific elements of home improvement.   In listening to our customers we have found that what has frustrated and upset them in dealing with other companies is projects that require multiple contractors that were never coordinated properly and took much longer than expected. As a result, lack of coordination creates downtime on the job and this results in jobs taken much longer than needed.  

Highest Quality Work


 Hence our company mission to coordinate every project properly and ensure the highest quality work is provided every time, in the fastest time possible. As a result, our customers are happy and satisfied during the process and after. we are coordination experts and as such are the premier home improvement company serving the Tri-state area  we provide the highest quality craftsmanship the first time around in the shortest time possible. While we specialize in large projects that require proper coordination, having general craftsman, electrician, plumbers and landscapers all under one roof allows us to excel with any size job, in any area of home improvement.